2017 One-Act Festival

Group A
Friday & Saturday July 21 & 22 — 8:00PM
Sunday July 23 — 2:00 PM

20 Questions by Rob Gorman
directed by Anne VanDercook
featuring Erin Kelman and Kelly Peters

A man learns the meaning of life in 20 questions (or less) in a sports bar.

Confusion in the Midsection by David Epstein
directed by David Fialkoff
featuring Jennifer Dorsey, Marc Rehr, and David Scheele

Chasid is seated next to Caitlyn on a plane. He asks her to move elsewhere because his strong religious beliefs don’t allow him to sit next to a woman.

The Knee to My Heart by Chip Bolcik
directed by Jen Katz
featuring Rebecca Korn and Ren Stone

Two aliens have come to earth looking for just the right soil to save their planet. The leader is fearful of meeting Earthlings but the mission partner has fallen in love with the planet.

Two Drink Minimum by Emilio Iasiello
directed by Kryss Lacovaro
featuring Michael Abendshein, Peter Rouleau, and Anne VanDercook

In a low-brow hotel bar on New Year’s Eve, a young woman has been waiting for her date for a long time. The bartender recognizes that she has been abandoned and begins to prey on her weakness. An Elvis impersonator shows up and the battle for Nancy begins.

Group B
Friday & Saturday July 28 & 29 — 8:00PM
Sunday July 30 — 2:00 PM

Janus by Stephen LaRocque
directed by David Fialkoff
featuring Jennifer Dorsey, Marc Rehr, and David Scheele

Robert Friedlander-Prechtl, a retired economist and writer and whose work was incorporated into the Nazi economic recovery program is visited by a German official from Himmler’s office. Prechtl is an embarrassment to the Nazis because his mother was Jewish.

Searching for Hope by Farid Bozorgmehr
directed by Farid Bozorgmehr
featuring Courtney James, Steve Kaufman, Naomi Ratz, Kyle Tirak, and Jill Vanderweit

A Persian woman named Niloo travels to America looking for Babak. She needs to convince Babak to go back to Iran to save someone whose life can be saved only by him.

Swimwear by Stephen LaRocque
directed by Pauline Griller-Mitchell
featuring Jen Katz and Matthew Ratz

A young woman on a winter beach photo shoot finds herself abandoned on a beach by her photographer. She is dressed only in swimwear. A fisherman passes by and she asks for help. It turns out that the man is a priest.