Music by George Stiles
Lyrics by Anthony Drewe

April 24th – May 10th, 2009

A musical retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen classic story, The Ugly Duckling. Honk! will delight children and adults alike. This enchanting comic musical about acceptance, compassion and understanding, follows an ugly duckling as he discovers “different… is just different”. Pure fun for the whole family.

Cast List
Ugly Gabriel Potter
Ida Mary Schmidt
Cat Sonie Mathew
Drake Phil Hosford
Greylag/Turkey Ken Kemp
Bullfrog Hunter Shelley
Jaybird/Barnacles Chris Mannino
Maureen Alissa Margolis
Snowy/Penny Mackenzie Tench
Grace Jane Squire Bruns
Lowbutt Derinda Haas
Henrietta Cassandra Hoye
Queenie Miriam Salerno
Dot Pauline Griller-Mitchell
Mother Swan/Pinkfoot Cecilia Bailey
Duckling Beaky/Froglet Carly Choppin
Duckling Downy/Froglet Raina Silver
Duckling Fluff/Froglet Summer Myers
Duckling Billy/Froglet Neal Davidson
Froglets Matthew Tobin, Danny Tobin
Megan Hartten Conductor, Woodwinds
Barbara Lang Piano
Tom Nixon Brass
Tom Lipe Guitar
Brad King Bass
Ric Okin Percussion
Crew List
Producer Donna Dangle
Director John Bartkowiak
Musical Direction Megan Hartten
Assistant Director Mary Schmidt
Choreographer Mary Schmidt
Rehearsal Assistant Debbie Shelley
Asst Music Director Barbara Lang
Stage Manager Mary Alexander
Set Design Todd Fleming
Lighting Design David Hughson
Sound Design Patrick Hughes
Master Carpenter Todd Fleming
Costume Design Joan Roseboom
Costumers Mary Schmidt, JoAnn Manson, Lisa Wilt, Mary Rigney
Properties Jim Camlek
Light Execution David Hughson
Sound Execution Patrick Hughes
Floor Manager Debbie Shelley
Stage Crew BJ Angstadt, Robert Davidson
Spotlight Operators Tara Bradford, Bruce Angstadt
Set Construction/Painting Todd Fleming, Karen Fleming, Daniel Fleming, Josh Fleming, John Bartkowiak, Stephen Henry, Donna Dangle, George Fitel, Robert Davidson, Gabe Potter, Chris Mannino, Amy Browning, Debbie Shelley, Hunter Shelley, David Hughson, Paul Noga
Artwork John Bartkowiak
Photography Kay Coupe
Load-In Crew Todd Fleming, Donna Dangle, John Bartkowiak, Stephen Henry, Robert Davidson, Neal Davidson, Debbie Shelley, Hunter Shelley, Melinda Fisher, Mary Schmidt, Derinda Haas, Chris Mannino, Mary Alexander, Tara Bradford, Patrick Hughes