Painting Churches

Montgomery Playhouse in partnership with Arts on the Green presents:

Painting Churches

By Tina Howe
Directed by Mary Beth Levrio

November 6 – 22, 2015

Gardner and Fanny Church are preparing to move out of their Beacon Hill house to their summer cottage on Cape Cod. Gardner, once a famous poet, now is retired. He slips in and out of senility as his wife Fanny valiantly tries to keep them both afloat. They have asked their daughter, Mags, to come home and help them move. Mags agrees, for she hopes as well to finally paint their portrait. She is now on the verge of artistic celebrity herself and hopes, by painting her parents, to come to terms with them and they with her. Mags triumphs in the end as Fanny and Gardner actually step through the frame and become a work of art ineffable and timeless. Recommended for ages 15 & up.

The Cast
Fanny Sedgwick Church Jane Squier Bruns
Gardner Church David Jones
Margaret ‘Mags’ Church Shanna Ridenour
Production Team
Producer David Jones
Director Mary Beth Levrio
Stage Manager Anne Vandercook
Light Designer Steve Deming
Light Operator Mark Shullenbarger
Sound Designer Matthew Datcher
Sound Operator Chris Hawkins
Set Design David Jones
Set Construction Bruce Angstadt, Chris Hawkins, David Jones, Mark Shullenbarger
Costume Design Maggie Skekel & Mary Beth Levrio
Set Dressing Kay Coupe & Nancy Davis
Properties Kay Coupe & Nancy Davis
Program Art Jennifer Georgia
Stage Crew Olivia Anderson, Cathy Lipton, Jarle Litlekalsøy, Yogesh Mudaliar, Maggie Skekel, Joseph Smithey
Load-in Crew Kay Coupe, Nancy Davis, Steve Deming, Chris Hawkins, David Jones, Mark Shullenbarger, Scott Shullenbarger, Joy Wyne
Photographer Scott D’Vileskis

At the Gaithersburg Arts Barn

311 Kent Square Road

Gaithersburg, MD

For Reservations Call 301-258-6394