By Sophocles
October 22nd – November 7th, 2010

This is the classic story of the daughter of Oedipus and her fight to bury her brother Polyneices, despite the laws of the land. It is a story that pits the “unwritten laws of the gods” against the laws of humankind; family ties against civic duty; and man against woman. Sometimes the thin line between what should be and what is, isn’t that thin afterall.

Cast List
Antigone Bess Kaye
Ismene Taylor Payne
Creon Todd Williamson
Eurydice Lisa Lorraine Holland
Haemon Steve Quillin
Teiresias John Reece
Guard Alicia Oliver
First Messenger Colin Grube
Second Messenger Jeremy Hollis
Leader of Chorus Maria Raquel Ott
Chorus Tara Hughes, Cassandra Redding, Kyle Tirak
Boy Marley Kabin
Crew List
Producer Karen Fleming
Director William T. Fleming
Assistant Director Amy M. Sullivan
Production Assistant Rebecca Sullivan
Stage Manager Debbie Shelley
Set Design William T. Fleming
Lighting Design Tabetha White
Sound Design Patrick Hughes
Master Carpenter William T. Fleming
Costume Design Andrea Schewe
Costume Assistant Mary Schmidt Wakefield
Masks William T. Fleming
Scenic Painter Patsy DiBella
Light Execution Peter Blaney
Set Construction/Painting Stephen Deming, Daniel Fleming, William T. Fleming, Jennifer Georgia, Steve Quillin, Gary Sullivan, Rebecca Sullivan
Artwork Carla DeMello