The Sisters Rosensweig

By Wendy Wasserstein
November 7th – November 23rd, 2008

A captivating look at three uncommon Jewish-American women and their quest for love, self-definition and fulfillment. Unified by their sisterhood, they are as different as only sisters (or brothers) can be, as each tries to live up to an image imposed by her family. The play was admired by critics for its humor and insight, and it won both an Outer Critics Circle Award and a Tony Award nomination for best play in 1993.

Cast List
Tess Goode Jordan Slattery
Pfeni Rosensweig Victoria Lee Johnston
Sara Goode Judy Mayer
Geoffrey Duncan Omar Latiri
Mervyn Kant David Jones
Gorgeous Teitelbaum Robin Yasinow
Nicholas Pym David Hughson
Tom Valiunus Alex Diehl
Crew List
Producer Melinda Fisher
Director Cecellia Rogers
Assistant Director Jean Aviles, Rhoda Sakolsky
Stage Manager Lisa Spangler
Set Design David Jones
Lighting Design John Hutson
Sound Design Matthew Datcher
Master Carpenter David Jones
Costume Design Jane McFarland
Set Decoration Susan Click
Properties Melinda Fisher
Light Execution David Hughson
Sound Execution Matthew Datcher
Set Construction/Painting Paul Apostoledes, Matthew Datcher, Melinda Fisher, David Hughson, Omar Latiri, Paul Noga, Cecellia Rogers, Mark Yasinow, Robin Yasinow
Artwork Melinda Fisher
Loadin Crew David Jones, John Hutson, Cecellia Rogers, Melinda Fisher, Robin Yasinow, Lisa Spangler, Alex Diehl, Jordan Slattery, Dave Hughson, Paul Apostoledes, John Dickson, Frank DeSando