Stones in His Pockets

By Marie Jones
March 4th – 20th, 2011

In County Kerry, Ireland, a Hollywood movie is being filmed. The whole village is excited to be a part of the mysterious world that is Hollywood. But, as in any place, the laughter is balanced with the tears. Spend a little time in this small Irish community and you will understand a bit more about the thin line between comedy and tragedy.

Cast List
J. McAndrew Breen Charlie Conlon
Simon, 1st Asst Dir
Clem, Director
Caroline Giovanni
Brother Gerard
Jock Campbell
Mr. Harkin
Kevin S. Dykstra Jake Quinn
Aisling, 2nd Asst Dir
Mickey Riordan
Sean Harkin
John, dialect coach
Dave, film crew
Kevin Doherty, RTE television
Crew List
Producer Donna Dangle
Director Roxanne Fournier Stone
Assistant Director Jean Aviles
Stage Manager Frank DeSando
Set Design Roxanne Fournier Stone & Andrew Eastman
Lighting Design Andrew Eastman
Sound Design Roger Stone
Video Montage Roger Stone & John Reece
Costume Design Roxanne Fournier Stone
Light Execution Peter Blaney
Sound Execution Brian Butters
Image Execution Brian Butters
Program Artwork Jeff Westlake
Photography David Jones
Trunk Art George Lucas
Technical Support Steve Deming & Matthew Datcher