Social Security

By Andrew Bergman
September 11th – 27th, 2009

The domestic tranquility of a married couple, art dealers, is shattered upon the arrival of the wife’s nerdy sister, her uptight husband and the sisters’ demanding elderly mother. They are there to try and save their college student daughter from the horrors of living only for sex. The comic sparks fly when this mother hits it off with the elderly minimalist artist who is the art dealer’s best client.

Cast List
David Kahn David Flinn
Barbara Kahn Tanya Edwards
Trudy Heyman Veronica Lee Johnston
Martin Heyman David Dubov
Sophie Greengrass Jane Squier Bruns
Maurice Koenig Donald Bruns
Crew List
Producer Melinda Fisher
Director Jacy D’Aiutolo
Stage Manager Melinda Fisher
Set Design David Jones
Lighting Design Jonathan Zucker
Sound Design Matthew Datcher
Master Carpenter David Jones
Costume Design Melinda Fisher, Erin Hines
Set Decoration Kay Coupe
Properties Melinda Fisher, Jacy D’Aiutolo
Light Execution Melinda Fisher
Sound Execution Matthew Datcher
Stage Crew BJ Angstadt, Bruce Angstadt
Set Construction/Painting Bruce Angstadt, Peter Blaney, Don Bruns, Nancy Davis, Jacy D’Aiutolo, Steve Deming, Brian Dettling, Tanya Edwards, Melinda Fisher, Veronica Johnston, Joy Wyne
Stage Artwork David Flinn
Program Artwork Amy Browning
Electricians Jonathan Zucker, Frank DeSando, John Hutson, Joy Wyne
Load in Crew David Jones, John Bartkowiak, Peter Blaney, Don Bruns, Janey Bruns, Jacy D’Aiutolo, Nancy Davis, Katie Dillon, David Dubov, Melinda Fisher, David Flinn, Stephen Henry, Veronica Johnston, Joy Wyne