Smell of the Kill

By Michelle Lowe
January 7th – 23rd, 2011

At a dinner party, three women discover that they have a dilemma with regard to their ridiculous spouses—a dilemma of life and death proportion. A dark comedy that balances on the thin line between right and wrong in relationships that are meant to last a lifetime.

Cast List
Nicky Alicia Oliver
Molly Melissa Powell
Debra Bess Kaye
Offstage Vocals Frank DeSando
Peter Oliver-Krueger
Roger Stone
Crew List
Producer Matthew Datcher
Director David Dossey
Assistant Director Frank DeSando
Stage Manager George Fitel
Set Design Paul Shoop
Lighting Design Matthew Datcher
Sound Design David Dossey
Master Carpenter Paul Shoop
Costume Design McKenna Kelly
Set Decoration Kay Coupe
Properties Lisa Spangler
Light Execution Matthew Datcher
Sound Execution Matthew Datcher
Set Construction Paul Shoop, David Jones, Bruce Angstadt
Set Painting Bruce Angstadt, Kay Coupe, Nancy Davis, Steve Quillin, Paul Shoop, Joy Wyne
Load-in Crew Paul Shoop, David Jones, Nancy Davis, Matthew Datcher
Specilized Set Painting David Gill
Photography David Jones