At The Playhouse, people are our chief resource and we are always looking for new faces, in our audience, backstage, and on stage.

If you’re an experienced theatre hand, come look us over. If you’ve have always had a love of theatre and want to get involved and learn stagecraft, come on out and volunteer. Its a beautiful theater and our membership includes many talented, friendly, and hard-working people.

We’ll be glad to share the work, the friendship, and the talent with eager newcomers. You can put in as much or as little time as you’d like. There is a job for almost every schedule, and a party for every opening night.

Thanks again for stopping by and browsing our web page.

We all personally look forward to meeting you at The Montgomery Playhouse.

If you would like to volunteer please send us an email with your name and anything you are interested in doing to help. From hospitality to light and set design, we have a place for you. Email us at: volunteer@montgomeryplayhouse.org

Montgomery County's oldest community theater