2016 One Act Play Festival

Silver Spring Stage and Montgomery Playhouse join forces to present this year’s One Act Festival. There are different programs of plays each weekend. If you would like to see all the works offered in the festival, you will need to purchase two separate admissions.

Montgomery Playhouse Weekend August 19-21
Marriage Suite by Daria Kerschenbaum
Directed by David Dossey
Featuring Cole Greenberg and Z. Jones
“They used to do parties — ‘wedding receptions’ they were called.” But now coupling has become a sterile and state-controlled process. Through small acts of rebellion a new couple, Ken and Brynne, forge a tenuous companionship. That defiance puts them at greater risk every day.

Virtual Reality by Alan Arkin
Directed by Bruce Hirsch
Featuring Kurt Riggs and Stephanie Pounds
Two Men are waiting for equipment for an unspecified job. The one in charge insists on doing a dry run inventory of the contents of the expected crates. The purely hypothetical becomes increasingly wacky and sinister.

10,000 Cigarettes by Alex Broun
Directed by Jen Katz
Featuring Corrie Bolcik, McKenna G. Kelly, Melanie Lawrence, and Courtney James
How many cigarettes is enough – 1, 2, 3 … 10,000? Four sisters face the big question in this fast paced, imaginative, funny, and moving play.

Silver Spring Stage Weekend August 25-28
Like the Last by D.L. Seigel
Directed by Bob Scott
Featuring Mathew Datcher, Juliana Ejedoghaobi, Sean Gilbert, and Momo Nakamura
In this touching drama, a Japanese woman explores old and new relationships on the eve of her 30th birthday – a day she does not expect to celebrate because of an ancient family curse.

TGIF by Michael Wolfson
Directed by Pauline Griller-Mitchell
Featuring Ted Culler and Jenn Robinson
A well-dressed woman approaches a married man in a cocktail lounge; the conversation quickly turns to sex. She offers him an unexpected proposition in this witty comedy.

The Pirate and the Caterpillar by Jacy D’Aiutolo
Directed by Vanessa Bisbee
Featuring Julia Morrissey and Maggie Dalzen
In this fast paced comedy, an actress confronts the theater critic who has given her a series of hilariously savage reviews.

Jan Kultura, Substitute Teacher, Meets the Crowd by Ian Thai
Directed by Sue Bevine
Featuring Brian Monsell, Alex Hyder, Stephen Greenhill, and Leigh Rawls
“Inscrutable foreigner” Jan Kultura and a savvy marketing executive engage in a battle of wits with rebellious high schoolers in this absurdist comedy.