Eight Plays

July 18 – 27, 2014 (Show times)

The Thirteenth Annual One Act Festival is a Special Production. Performances at The Arts Barn. For reservations, call 301-258-6394.

Color Blue by Alexis Roblan – Director: Kathleen Alvania

Weavers by Evan Guilford-Blake – Director: Maria Benzie

Nighthawks by Evan Guilford-Blake – Director: David Dossey

Fight or Flight by Kryss Lacovaro and Natalie Brunelle – Director: Kryss Lacovaro

Goode Grief by Frances A. Lewis – Director: Frankie Lewis

H.R. by Eric Coble – Director: Natalia Nagy

I’m Herbert by Robert Anderson – Director: John Reece

The Grand Design by Susan Miller – Director: Suzanne Yuskiw

One Act 2014 Poster