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One Act Festival - 2014

July 18th - 27th 2014 (Show Times)
The Gaithersburg Arts Barn in partnership with Montgomery Playhouse presents the Thirteenth Annual One Act Festival. From the sublime to the ridiculous, from death and dying to workplace angst, this compilation of plays ranges from deadly serious to laughing at our own foibles.

The festival presents two separate evenings of one-acts in rotation. If you would like to see all the plays offered in the festival, you will need to purchase two separate admissions. 

PLEASAE NOTE: Because some plays contain adult language and themes, the festival is not recommended for audiences under the age of 17.

Performances at The Arts Barn. For reservations, call 301-258-6394.

Program A (July 18, 20, 26)

  • Nighthawks by Evan Guilford-Blake
    directed by David Dossey
    With Amanda Gordon, Chris Hawkins, Art Salwin, Shaquille Stewart
    Itís the late 40ís and four people encounter each other in a diner in the wee hours of the morning. Inspired by the Edward Hopper painting, Nighthawks.
  • The Grand Design by Susan Miller
    directed by Suzanne Yuskiw
    With: Joy Gerst, Stan Rosen
    A scientist tries to come up with a new message about humanity to be sent into space while his mother walks across the United States. A tender portrait of what it means to let go.
  • Color Blue by Alexis Roblan
    directed by Kathleen Alvania
    With: Andie Allison, Scott DíVileskis, Kelsi Jenkins, Shaquille Stewart
    Two middle school girls, cutting class, are experimenting with pot behind a dumpster near the school when they are approached by two well dressed men. They donít immediately realize the danger they are in.
  • Iím Herbert by Robert Anderson
    directed by John Reece
    With: Cory Atwood, Ruth Orland
    An elderly couple sit in their rocking chairs talking. Each has had one or more previous marriages and perhaps a few flings, but they are hazy about the details. In fact they donít always know which one the other one is.
Program B (July 19, 25, 27)
  • Weavers by Evan Guilford-Blake
    directed by Maria Benzie
    With: Meghan Williams Elkins, Avery Florer, Luba Hansen, Kryss Lacovaro, Danny C. Miller, Sonya Okin
    Candace has grown up in a dying farming community and wants to leave but feels an obligation to take care of her aging grandmother, Clotho. Clotho has dreams in which she recalls weaving with two women she refers to as her sisters. All this is observed by Sam, Candaceís cat. This play is rooted in the mythology of the Three Fates.
  • H.R. by Eric Coble
    directed by Natalia Gleason
    With: Brian Galvez, Joseph Mariano, Yvonne Paretzky, Michael Sigler
    The office is thrown into an uproar when it is learned that people from Human Resources are coming for an unplanned visit that afternoon.
  • Goode Grief by Frances A. Lewis
    directed by Frankie Lewis
    With: Matthew Datcher, David Jones, Debi Preston, Stephanie Shade
    Evie is an elderly widow who is house bound and is routinely visited by her care giver, Jennifer. The roof is leaking and she is approached by Conrad Goode who offers to make the necessary repairs.
  • Fight or Flight by Kryss Lacovaro and Natalie Brunelle
    directed by Kryss Lacovaro
    With: Ashley Byrd, Liz Fox Corrente, Jimmy Santos
    In the sky above a busy metroplolis two superheros, Delay-a and Blurr (Diane and Ben), deal with relationship problems. Dianeís sister, the powerful Femme Force (Fiona) doesnít care for Ben and makes her opinion part of the discussion.

Previously this season....

God's Favorite
By Neil Simon.

November 8th - 24th, 2013 (Show Times)
Performances at The Arts Barn. For reservations, call 301-258-6394.

Successful businessman Joe Benjamin lives in a Long Island mansion with his demanding wife, a prodigal son, and a pair of kookie twins. A visitation by "A Messenger from God" (and compulsive film buff) sets in motion a wild test of Joe's faith in "the Boss." Neil Simon spins a contemporary morality tale about this modern "Job" like no other in this hilarious comedy.

Blame It On Beckett
By John Morogiello.

January 10th-26th, 2014 (Show Times)
Performances at The Arts Barn. For reservations, call 301-258-6394.

The Sunday, January 12th performance will have a Q&A session after the show with the cast, director and author John Morogiello.

Heidi Bishop is a wide-eyed dramaturgy intern, eager to better American drama. Instead she encounters an endless stream of bad scripts, desperate playwrights, and snarky office turf battles. When Heidi's efforts run into unintended consequences, she is forced to confront idealism with reality to save her career, reputation, and relationships. NOTE: This play contains mature language and themes.
Cast List


Woody Allen, Woody Allen—An evening of two short plays
By Woody Allen

May 2nd – 18th, 2014 (Show Times)
Performances at The Arts Barn. For reservations, call 301-258-6394.

Central Park West is the story of a successful  psychiatrist who’s husband has just announced he is leaving her for another woman. The N.Y. Times says, "Mr. Allen sends his characters into riotous, near-lethal combat. Central Park West is a joy."
With: Gemma Davimes, Meredith Fogle, Lisa Holland, Joesph Mariano and John Reece

Honeymoon Motel takes place in the tacky "Bridal Suite" of a roadside motel where everyone gathers after a wedding ceremony has gone slightly off kilter. From the N.Y. Times: Honeymoon Motel finds Mr. Allen returning to his shtickier comedy roots. He is at his loosest — and sometimes lowest — but also his most firecracker funny.
With: John Allnutt, Scott D'Vileskis, David Gross, Kryss Lacovaro, Susan Paisner, Marsha Rehns, Mark Shullenbarger, Dan Silverman, Ed Silverstein and Jena Stone

NOTE: These plays contain adult themes and adult language.

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